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Памятник вилковскому старообрядцу липовану

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Vilkovo - the land where a small space concentrated beauty of nature and the works of man.

Vilkovo - for lovers of serene relaxation.

Ideal for holiday family with children and friends. In this town green, the colors of which largely determines the proximity of the Danube River, there is also a pine forest, lakes, and is very close to the Black Sea. All nature lives in the border world between sea and river, between the flood and low water. For centuries the Danube has changed and in their molded shape of the Danube delta. The waters of the mighty river fell on the manmade beach of mud, formed a giant backwaters and islands. In the vast delta of the Danube that is more than 5 million years - 300 years ago began to form Chilia delta. And inevitably think about that for the forces of nature have managed to create this wonderful land of new islands, Kut, braids, creeks, huge flocks of birds and rare plant species.

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Рыбацкая лодка - неизменный атрибут Вилково

At the confluence of the rivers into the sea was founded by a small town Vilkovo, a former village "Lipovanskoe. The river ends his fast run to the sea, and diverges in several branches, which form a kind of "fork". From the "fork" and the name - Vilkovo. So they called this place Russian Old Believers, as well as fleeting and Don Cossack rebel Cossacks, two and a half centuries ago to start developing the reed smoother. The feeling of unreality covers every swimmer in the water boat narrow streets between thatched houses, wooden sidewalks, masonry, only here and there interspersed with green islands of dry land. The city, born of the river and the sea was practically raised by hand. Here you can visit the Old Believer settlements, churches, island mansion "Lipovanskie monastery, where you will offer fine wine and a real fisherman's soup.