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Today 09.06.2023

Life on the islands of the delta

More than 20 species of birds permanently or temporarily "assigned" to the reserve, listed in the Red Book of the USSR, the Ukrainian SSR and Bulgaria, where animals and plants are recorded, assigned to the category of rare and endangered species.

In the reserve there are mute swan and whooper swan, shelduck, white-fronted goose, spoonbill, ibis, white pelican, the Dalmatian pelican.

Pelican - does not know how to dive. That's because the pelican bones are very light and hollow inside - the mass of the skeleton of this bird is only 10% of the total body weight. The only exception - the brown pelican, to dive, he falls from a height of 20 meters at a speed of 70 km / h in water.

Among the "Red Book" species of the reserve are the birds and the white-tailed eagle. It is a large bird of prey with beautiful body length up to 1 meter, weight up to 5-6.5 kg and a wingspan of up to 2-2.5 m Coating -. Brown tail in older individuals is pure white. Keeps seaside (for which he was called "sea eagle").

Cormorant - the "traditional" rival fishermen.

Mallard - Bird, widespread over a large area and it is to reconcile with the man.

Grey Heron - long-legged creature that belongs to the order Ciconiiformes. Among them - the red heron, great egret, little egret, night heron, bittern.

There are 25 species of mammals. This is mainly aquatic and wetland animals. There are representatives of the forest and steppe fauna.

From the weasel family in the reserve are marked: otter, mink, ermine and weasels.

Raccoon dog appeared in the Danube Delta in the postwar years as a result of successful acclimatization in Europe species exported from the Far East. Therefore it is also called "Ussuri raccoon."

Fox. Forest cat. There are not so common.

Boar - found excellent conditions here, and shows a high number of successfully propagated.

Roe - sometimes comes to the reserve.

Among the insectivorous mammals in the reserve meets Mediterranean water shrew.

Water vole, muskrat - widely known rodents.