Rest in Vilkovo

Danube Delta

for fans
of serene relaxation!

Today 09.06.2023

Danube mosaic

The program is designed for 7-8 hours.

The Danube Delta - a rare corner of Europe, where nature continues to develop in his eternal and immutable laws. River channels, sleeves, spit, plavnevy natural forest, bird colonies will bring you many enjoyable moments.

  • Meeting in Vilkovo.
  • Water on a boat tour on the old part of town.
  • Arriving at "Lipovanskoe yard" of the island Belgorod.
  • Tasting of local wine "Novak."
  • Amateur fishing.
  • Picnic: fishing ear of several species of fish (in season), prepared especially for you on wood-fire; wine "Novak", slicing vegetables, herbal tea from an old timber-samovar.
  • Holidays on the bank of the river.
  • Boat trips in the Danube Delta to the territory of the Danube Biosphere Reserve (DBZ).
  • The landing at "0" km walk along the seashore to reserved.
  • Continuation of the water rides at midday and Ochakovskoe Arm.
  • Returning to the city.

We reserve the right to change the sequence of the tour program, without changing the volume of services provided. Dear tourists, intending to rest Do not forget the documents (passport, birth certificate, immigration card availability for the citizens and abroad - optional)