Rest in Vilkovo

Danube Delta

for fans
of serene relaxation!

Today 28.03.2023

Old believers relax

The program is designed for 4 hours

Eager to get to the bottom of the mysterious soul of Old Believers - wait "Lipovanskie farmstead", which serves a local delicacy: a real fishing soup, cooked in wood-fire of several species of fish and the famous local wine "Novak."

  • Meeting in Vilkovo.
  • Water excursion boats (sloops) in the old part of town.
  • Arriving at "Lipovanskoe yard" of the island Belgorod.
  • Tasting of local wine "Novak."
  • Amateur fishing.
  • Picnic on the island: fishing ear of several species of fish (in season), prepared especially for you on wood-fire; wine "Novak", slicing vegetables, herbal tea from an old timber-samovar.
  • Holidays on the bank of the river.
  • Returning to the city Vilkovo.