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Danube Delta

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Today 09.06.2023

Danube Delta

The Danube Delta - the largest river delta in Europe after the Volga Delta. The area of 3446 km², while it varies continuously: due to alluvial deposits increased by an average of 40 m per year. The main part of the delta lies within the country: it is under the national protection in 1938 and in 1991 was recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage. Chilia arm flows through the Odessa region of Ukraine on it - the Danube Biosphere Reserve.

The Danube Delta is marshy, cut through a dense network of branches and lakes. The top of the delta is located near the Cape of Izmail Catal 80 km from the arm on which the mainstream of the Danube is divided into first and Chilia Tulchin. After 17 km downstream Tulchin Arm Arm is divided into the St. George and Sulina arm, which flow into the Black Sea at a time.

Chilia arm within the territory of Ukraine shall establish the so-called Chilia delta, which is the most fleeting of the Danube Delta. Most of the Danube delta is covered with smooth - it's second largest array of the landscape in Europe (second only to smooth in the Volga delta). Threat to the unique nature of the delta are Romanian and Ukrainian shipping channels (see channel Danube - Black Sea).


Flooded areas

Мир плавней



Мир прибрежной полосы моря


Freshwater delta

Мир пресных вод дельты


Life on the islands of the delta

Жизнь на островах дельты