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Today 09.06.2023


Latitude: 45 ° 24'6''N
Longitude: 29 ° 35'10''E
Postal Code: 68355
Type of settlement: the city
Ukrainian Name: Vilkova
District: Kiliya
State: Odessa

Vilkovo - District towns, located on the Chilia arm, in the Danube Delta, on the islands, separated by a large number of channels and canals. Distance to regional center 30 km.

This is the last town on the shores of the Danube before flowing into the Black Sea. Here, most days of the year shines bright sun, the winter is soft temper, and the holiday season lasts 5 months. Average temperatures range from 26, sea and river water 21. Vilkovo - the sun, the greenery, clean air and boundless expanse of the Danube waters.

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