Rest in Vilkovo

Danube Delta

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Today 28.03.2023

City's History

Vilkovo - the most unusual and one of the most famous cities in the Odessa region. Crossing town green channels, boat, officials are the main mode of transportation, numerous bridges and bridges, narrow wooden walkways, masonry. All this highlights Vilkovo of a large number of small towns. History of the City (formerly Lipovanskogo settlement) goes back to the early 18 th century, when after the defeat Kondratii Bulavina group of Cossacks from the Don ran to the lower reaches of the Danube. Here in impassable marsh, on small islands, they have put their homes - woven of reeds and clay smoking. Live in these "Swallow's nest" of course was not easy, but there are obvious advantages of such a settlement: the backwoods, which can easily escape prosecution authorities. Somewhat later nekrasovtsam "made the company" Zaporozhye Cossacks, who had fled to the Danube. A cursory folk gradually develop these places - unsuitable for habitation, but a safe shelter with reeds and water.