Rest in Vilkovo

Danube Delta

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Today 09.06.2023

The magnificence of the Danube

Visit the seaside reserve - the "zero" mile.

Duration - up to 4 hours.

Distance in one direction is about 20 km.

A very popular route for tourists Environment is zero kilometer. To witness the confluence of the Danube, a place in the Black Sea. Also visit the glyph "Kilometer Zero", symbolizing the merger of the Danube to the Black Sea. This symbol became known far beyond Ukraine. About him you can hear many interesting stories were born here and retold by word of mouth.

Vilkovo - center of ecological tourism, since it is located in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. Here you can see rare birds and relict plants that fascinate. Walking along the river channel and the sleeves, rest in the bosom of Nature will leave an unforgettable impression.

  • Meeting in Vilkovo.
  • Boat trips in the Danube Delta by Old Believer settlements in the zone of strict protection of the Danube Biosphere Reserve (DBZ).
  • The landing at "0" km walk along the seashore to reserved.
  • Continuation of the water rides at midday Arm, Ochakovskoe.
  • Return to Vilkovo.

We reserve the right to change the sequence of the tour program, without changing the volume of services provided. Dear tourists, intending to rest Do not forget the documents (passport, birth certificate, immigration card availability for the citizens and abroad - optional)