Rest in Vilkovo

Danube Delta

for fans
of serene relaxation!

Today 09.06.2023

The boundary of the European Union

The program is designed for 2.5 hours

Under international law, when the border between the countries is on the river, then routed through the channel, unless the parties agree otherwise.

  • Meeting in Vilkovo.
  • Water boat tour on deltaic channels.
  • Overview of Vilkovo from the Danube.
  • The yield on the Chilia, Belgorod, and Ochakovskoe Starostambulskoe Girlie.
  • Walking along the navigable channel "Starostambulskoe" (the border of Ukraine and the EU).
  • Walk on Water Street Ankudinova.
  • Return to Vilkovo.

Dear tourists, intending to rest Do not forget the documents (passport, birth certificate, immigration card availability for the citizens and abroad - optional)