Rest in Vilkovo

Danube Delta

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of serene relaxation!

Today 09.06.2023


Simple and magical thing - glass ball braided, float for fishing nets. Thing from another time - about the middle of the twentieth century, the floats are made of plastic. But these balls are still floating on the oceans, they are sometimes brings to the shore. "Glass floats once widely used by fishermen in many parts of the world, to keep the network afloat. In Vilkovo these floats very well once applied. Wonderfully fulfilled their float function, which keeps the network alive, had only one, but significant drawback . during the storm, we fought each other and the sharp edges cut the network. There is one interesting feature kuhtyley. they are tightly sealed air of the Soviet Union! Since then, every fisherman can see the miracle that is used as a decoration in the courtyard of the artifact.