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Today 28.03.2023

Old Believers Temple of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

This is the second capital of Old Believers Church, located on about. Kalimbeyka. Compared with the Christmas she was young - built in the early XX century. Built in the shape of a ship: the architect decided to use one of the ancient symbols - the temple of God, sailing on rough seas worldly.

Surprisingly well its color: light and dark blue color of the sky create a floating effect. Surrounded on all sides by water (the church stands at the crossroads of full-flowing Starostambulskogo and intra Belgorod Girlie), it is clearly visible from the side of the Danube and is constant admiration of all who come to Vilkovo by water.

The interior of the church adheres to the traditions of the Old Believers: she, like Christmas temple, divided into two halves - male and female; Lava and bench set only for the elderly and the sick. It has many ancient icons unique composition: one on the plane of the board played several events.

Such, for example, "The Last Judgement", "Creation of the World." The Baroque tradition is widely used in the altar iconostasis. Its primary colors - golden-brown, with lighted candles, he flickers and shimmers.

The foundation of the temple was laid Archpriest John in 1907, and construction began in 1911. Completed the main work was in 1913 and in the same year, May 3, Bishop Kirill has consecrated the church of Odessa. The main celebration of its opening held on 21-22 May 1913 - they were confined the bringing of the relics of St. Nicholas in vilkovsky temple dedicated to him.

This event was preceded by years of negotiations and repeated appeals intercessors to secular and ecclesiastical authorities. December 23, 1905 Bessarabian governor officially notify police officer Ismail that Senator Durnovos allowed to build in the village of Novo-Vilkovo, the site of the unfinished church, and a new wooden 'chapel with the appearance of the church. " He asks to announce this decision vilkovskim intercessors-Old Believers and to explain the progress of work. And discuss the technical side of the issue: should first create a construction plan and submit it for approval to the Construction Division of the Bessarabian provincial government.

The construction of the church in the small village Vilkovo came under strict state control. It was built 7 years, there were changes in the project, have repeatedly had to ask for additional funds. Office registers and accountable acts sequentially numbered, signed and certified by seal is still preserved. Completion of the crowning act of the provincial lord Seratsynskogo architect who inspected the stone Old Believers Temple (originally it was a wooden structure) and found it "perfectly pitched and consummated, the materials of good quality and in everything according to the approved project." There was a resolution authorizing the service.

Only after this was taken, and the consecration of the temple is allowed a celebration in honor of his otkrytiya.Proydya tests wars and times of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker temple stood. In its documents recorded the names of priests who did the work here: a. John (Suslov), about. Ambrose (Vorobiev), about. Maxim (Kirsanov) about. Anisim about. Efsify (Sukhov), about. Moses (Sipatkin) about. Terence, o. Gregory of. Mercury, on the. Michael. Parishioners of the church always proud of her beauty and share memories about the different periods of its existence. One of the most touching - recorded in the 90-ies. from native Vylkove Claudia Nikitichny Izotova 1895 year of birth: "... the Church built the world ... Wore bricks with other children ... Adults are not allowed to take" long hours ", we passed them one by one" chain "the Church ... decorations sent from Moscow, came from the master ... "