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Today 09.06.2023

World of the coastal strip

At kilometer beach strip, related to the reserve, you can find many species of marine animals, and not all of them are dependent on fresh water, like a mosquito. Most of the river are not directly connected, they can only live in the sea, but the fresh water for a short time, it does not harm.

Scuds. These small crustaceans up to 1 cm are found in fresh water, and in the deep sea, but there are species of amphipods, prefer salted (brackish) water sea.

Sand shell or Miya in the Black Sea came to us from the Baltic Sea to the fouling of ships or as larvae in ballast water.

In marine waters mia Reserve occupies a depth of 0.2-0.3 m and more, forming clusters of tens or hundreds of copies of one square meter of floor.

Shrimp are found at the same depths. as mia, feed on the remains of aquatic plants and animals, but hidden deep in the soil can not.

Here there are several species of gobies, especially Sandpiper, roundwood and also whip.

Gloss loves to travel upriver. No wonder her second name - flounder.

Kalkan - the largest of the Black Sea flounder. Reaches meter length and weight 8-10 kg, but such instances are rare. Most often it is the fish length of 50-60 cm and a weight of 4-6 kg.

Hamsa - the largest fish of the Black Sea, the Black Sea fishery basis.

The Black Sea horse mackerel, or stavridki - bigger fish anchovy, reaches 20 cm in length, sometimes a little more, but more often about 15 cm Propagated buoyant (pelagic) eggs in the warm season.. Do not avoid brackish areas.

Lifestyle Black Sea (on the Danube, it is called the Danube) herring is also quite complicated. This is a typical anadromous fish, ie one that lives in the sea, and for the reproduction of part of the river. It happens the other way around - the fish lives in rivers and spawning is in the sea, but after few species.

Lifestyle Russian sturgeon is the same as that of stellate sturgeon. He lives in the sea, eats shrimp, crabs, clams, goby, anchovy. In 30 years it reaches a length of 2 meters and a weight of 80-100 kg, but the first spawn at age 11.

The largest sturgeon fish - sturgeon. In the old days, when many decades in a row she was able to happily avoid nets and other fishing gear, it reached the fabulous length - 9 meters and a weight of 20 pounds (about 2 ton).