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Today 09.06.2023

World of fresh water delta

Fresh water reserve has an extraordinary variety and abundance of living creatures. There are many types of animals for which it is deltaic reservoirs - standing and weakly running lakes, marshes, backwaters are the optimal conditions for life. For example - daphnia, dragonflies, beetles - beetle and pennywort.

Among other invertebrates typical of freshwater delta of the Danube, we should mention the different species of mollusks like bivalves (eg, perlovitsy, mussel), and snails - the pond, coil, and other viviparus.

Furthermore, in waters many cancers - small water donkeys, amphipods and large - crayfish. They are also active water "nurses" and are the food of many inhabitants of the Delta.

Freshwater fish are one of the most important parts of the fauna of the reserve. It is widely known species like carp (known locally as the ball), crucian carp (local name tserek), pike, catfish, perch, bream (local name rudd) and others, as well as lesser known, like eel or sunfish.

Catfish - giant fresh water (up to 3-4 meters long) eats not only fish, frogs and crayfish. Close enough Som and floating duck. From this, all the ducks and other birds are constantly on the lookout. If som not become, alertness of birds fall and they would be easy prey for other predators.

Interesting way of life is eel. When it comes time to breeding, river eel rolls down to the sea and sent to the Atlantic Ocean, where the area of ​​the Sargasso Sea at a depth of 300-400 meters to 1000 lays eggs. Adult fish then die, and hatched larvae are picked up by the waters of the warm Gulf Stream and delivered to the shores of Europe in two years. By this time, eel fry reaches this size. that is able to independently enter into the rivers and live there for several years before the onset of the spawning period, when everything again from the beginning.

In addition to fish, from vertebrates to Delta aquatic live 9 species of amphibians and 7 species of reptiles. His size and strength stand out marsh frog, water snake, water turtle.