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Danube Delta

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Today 06.10.2022

World of flooded areas

Green world of the Danube Delta impresses with its abundance and variety. The reserve recorded 563 species of higher plants belonging to 80 families.

Widely distributed in the reserve willow. It is represented by five species: white, ashy, purple, fragile and triandra.

On the coastal sand hills grows seabuckthorn. Up to 100 hectares occupied by thickets of this valuable shrub.

Fruits of sea buckthorn serve as food for many insects, birds and animals of the reserve.

Often there are also various kinds of mint. It is widely known both medicinal plant, used in scientific and folk medicine.

Lower portions of the delta islands are occupied by marshes. It - areas with excessively moist soil, but without continuous water table at the surface. In the occupied area of ​​the swamp in the reserve are second only to water spaces. Plant-based make up their reed, sedge and cattails.

Common reed - "king" smoother. It is the largest cereal flora of our country. Its height stems up to 4 meters in diameter - 1.5-2 centimeters.

Reeds - a popular habitat for many species of fish, birds, animals, insects and other invertebrates. Young cane readily eaten by many animals. The stems and leaves it contains up to 50% carbohydrates, 14% protein, 2% fat, etc.

Underwater vegetation consists Potamogeton, water buttercup, Canada villain, and in the bays and kutah large area is occupied by water chestnut (water chestnuts) and Salvinia floating.